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The Dr. King Facial Transformation Experience


This lovely woman of 66 years of age came to me because she wanted to reclaim her beauty.  She felt like the person she saw in the mirror didn’t reflect who she felt she was on the inside. Together, we came up with a stepwise plan to achieve her goals, steps that would take time to accomplish….but the glory of Rome wasn’t built in a day either, as they say.  Surgery was performed on her upper face. Then her lower face/neck.  Then filler was used to improve volume in her cheeks and lips.  Our goal was to achieve the delicate balance of reversing aging while maintaining normalcy so that she still looked like herself. That goal has been achieved.  We are not yet finished with her treatment plan, but the results thus far are so beautiful, and her confidence is so restored that she agreed to share her photos to encourage others to take the leap to reclaim their own self-confidence.  No one can believe she is 66 years old, and neither will you!

I moved to Kansas from New Hampshire.  In New Hampshire, my practice was 50% ENT / 50% facial plastic surgery.  In the area where I lived, life was more laid back, and people weren’t as interested in proceeding with some of the bigger facial cosmetic surgeries.  I did tons of lasers, peels, filler, Botox, skin care, etc., but the bulk of my plastic surgical procedures were skin cancer reconstructions and rhinoplasties.  One of my rhinoplasty patients and I have maintained contact on Facebook since I performed her surgery back in 2014. I have enjoyed “stalking” her nose over the years and recently asked her if she would mind if I shared her photos with you. Plus, she has graciously offered to provide a testimonial about her experience.

In Chelsea’s situation, she had had trauma long ago, and she wanted to breathe better.  When people bite the bullet to go through rhinoplasty, you kind of want it to the be only time, so it is very common for people to ask for me to include cosmetic refinements in the same surgery.  So, while we were there, I reduced her hump, softened her bony prominences, and improved her tip.  Chelsea has very thin skin, and in that situation, it is common to be able to see or feel tiny irregularities through the skin. That happened in her case, so I performed a series of micro-injections in the months after surgery to get her closer to perfection, and that’s all that she has needed.  Rhinoplasty has a tendency to shift and change over years (which is why I stick to open structural rhinoplasty using grafts to stabilize it), so I admit that I have “stalked” her nose on Facebook since 2014 out of curiosity.  She told me that after all of this time, her nose is still great. And, she has most graciously agreed to let me use her photos here in Kansas.  She has even agreed to answer questions of any of my Kansas patients who are curious about her experience!

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