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Massage Therapy


A traditional Swedish Massage with long flowing strokes that warms muscle tissue, increases circulation, eases aches and pains, and releases stress by bringing the body into balance. Amazing!

120 Minutes | $110 90 Minutes | $90 60 Minutes | $65 30 Minutes | $40



A therapeutic massage approach that addresses deeper layers of the muscle to relax, lengthen and release holding patterns of the muscle. This massage is appropriate for chronic pain and injury recovery. It is not recommended for your first massage experience.

120 Minutes | $125 90 Minutes | $105 60 Minutes | $80 30 Minutes | $55



A Hot Stone Massage starts with a traditional Swedish Massage then hot stones are used to loosen and relax muscles. Experience the power of aromatic oils used in combination with a smooth stone massage to balance, soothe, and invigorate the body.

60 Minutes | $70  90 Minutes | $95    



This custom massage will cater to your specific needs, potentially including a session of or mix of sports massage therapy, trigger point therapy, and myofascial therapy.  
120 Minutes | $120 90 Minutes | $100 60 Minutes | $75 30 Minutes | $50



This nurturing massage helps to relieve stress and mental and physical fatigue. It is also fantastic for improving circulation and general body tone.  You and the baby will both enjoy this amazing massage!

(Full Body)

60 Minutes | $80

(Half Body)

30 Minutes | $50



It’s the little things that mean so much! Like all of those tiny little muscles in your scalp... working so hard everyday to facilitate the range of motion in your head and face.  Add this lovely scalp massage to any other massage service, and be amazed! This indulgence does not require additional time as it is incorporated into the service and given special attention. Special Add-On enhancements cannot be purchased alone.

10 Minutes | $15      



Start off with a warm, aromatherapy foot bath.  Then lie back and enjoy a soothing, specialized, healing massage for aching, tired feet.  Ancient reflexology relates areas of the foot to corresponding areas of the body with the belief that when those areas of the foot are massaged and manipulated, relief and re-energizing will occur in the corresponding area of the body.

30 Minutes | $25      


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