An Incredible Journey: Weight Loss and Surgery

“I never in a million years thought I would step outside in a tank top, now I regularly do… And now, I’ve lost 247 pounds.”

Jana, a patient at Kansas Surgical Arts, has practically turned into family at our practice. It began when she was 410 pounds and she knew she needed to make a lifestyle change, after a yearlong weight loss journey, losing 220 pounds, she started searching to remove her excess skin. Near the beginning of her search for a cosmetic surgeon, she searched on the Internet and Googled, “best plastic surgeon after massive weight loss”.

Dr. Oberhelman would end up being her ultimate cosmetic surgeon choice, “Out of the four doctors I visited, I chose Dr. Oberhelman because she did not sugar coat anything and laid all of the information out for me. She is just so down to earth and realizes this is so important to me.”

Although, in the beginning of her weight loss journey there were a lot of tears, Jana’s results have been tremendous. She wanted to remove excess skin, and start to feel comfortable in her new body. She also wanted to fully enjoy her kids’ lives and all of their sports and activities without being self-conscious of her excess skin. Her family even changed their lifestyle habits with her during her weight loss journey. Jana has come so far.

“If I can do this, anyone can. I could not be more pleased with Dr. Oberhelman, I am super happy I met her. I feel like you guys are almost family.”

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