The Ageless Face

“I recently had an Ageless Face Consultation with Dr. King. She listened to my concerns pertaining to my face and made in depth suggestions through her personalized treatment plan. I believe it is rare that you find a doctor who will listen to your needs, offer personal recommendations and keep me on track with a plan to age in the best way possible. I will highly recommend the Ageless Face Consultation with Dr. King to my friends – they won’t be disappointed!” – JL

As a facial plastic surgeon who focuses on aesthetics, my expertise ranges from things as simple as skin care to as complicated as a full-face surgical reconstruction and everything in between.  In addition, as a woman who lives the life and bears the personal pressure of keeping up my own appearance day in and day out, watching my own aging process happen just like everyone else, I totally get where my patients are coming from. I am 47 years old, and because of my knowledge and access, I apply to myself the same things I recommend to my patients.

New patients come to me with a look of exasperation and say, “doctor, I’m not happy with THIS” …motioning with their hands to the entirety of their face…and they tell me that they are aging and don’t know what to do.  I get this display from 30-year-olds to 75-year-olds. The phase of aging that each patient is going through is unique. But, I know what can be done to improve what bothers them. That is what I do.

The truth is that every single human being wants for me to tell them that the answer to their aging woes comes in a special bottle filled with magic serum….or a painless 30 minute procedure that results in no redness, swelling, bruising, or peeling. And…the REASON for this is that the face is your identity.  I understand those concerns. No one feels that they can afford a quick shift in their identity. Either they don’t want anyone to know what interventions they’ve had because they want to be miraculously ageless and perfect (unlike every other human around them who is going through the normal aging process) or they don’t want the embarrassment of people seeing the bruising, swelling and peeling that you have to go through to produce enough change to make your investment worth your money.

So, to fill this obvious need, I have designed what I have named The Ageless Face Consult.  Patient’s schedule a time to meet with me. We have one full hour during which we sit face-to face, I hear your concerns, and I share with you why you’re seeing the changes that you’re seeing, what you will be seeing in the future, what you can do now to slow or reverse the process, what you will probably want to do to handle what’s coming in the future. And everything in between.  So much information comes at you, that most patients leave looking a little dazed. It’s just too much information to process in one sitting.

Which is why after you leave, I then work on constructing a personalized document, called your Treatment Plan, that covers what I recommend for you.  It’s like your own anti-aging prescription.  This document is usually 6-8 type-written pages of a lot of information.  I cover the skin care products that you need and why. I provide you with a recommended morning and nightly routine for your products. I describe the office-based procedures that would benefit you currently. I describe the larger surgeries that would benefit you currently. I even describe the interventions that I see that you’re going to want in the future, because if I’m taking the time to educate you, I might as well complete the job.  All of this information is supplied to educate you.  I don’t expect you to do it all.   But, how can you decide the best use of your time and money if you don’t understand what your options are and how they all work together?  The simple answer is…you can’t.  So, I arm you with information. I then given you a couple of weeks to chew over the information I’ve given you.

Then, we meet for our follow-up consultation. At this planned second consultation, you are able to ask educated questions, you don’t feel overwhelmed anymore, and we fine tune your plan together.  Now that you have settled on approach that fits you best, we can get down to the nitty gritty of procedure recovery, timing, and whatever else you need to know to finalize your plan for yourself.

This consult package does have a charge.  But that is because it takes a lot of time on my part…time where we are meeting face-to-face and another large chunk of time behind the scenes while I personally construct your Treatment Plan.  The good news is that the cost of the consultation will be applied toward whatever procedure you are having done.  So, if you think it’s likely at all that you will either a small or large procedure done, then this comprehensive consultation is free.  If you choose not to have anything done, you will have paid for a more extensive analysis than you will have ever gotten anywhere else coupled with a document that records your “prescription” that is yours to keep.

So, if you find yourself in that situation where you’re just not happy with what you see in the mirror, and you feel like you don’t know what to do…. don’t worry!  Because I DO know what to do.  And I would love to share that knowledge with you.

“When I had my consultation with Dr. King, I had no idea what to expect. Truthfully, I didn’t know what I wanted or what could be done. Dr. King educated me on what was available regarding fillers and other injectables, like Botox and explained how each could enhance my features and/or improve areas that I was unhappy with. At that point, I was ready to get started, but was not quite sure where to begin, the costs associated with each procedure or how I would maintain the results afterwards. Dr. King provided me with a treatment plan of what we discussed during my consultation. This treatment plan contained Dr. King’s recommendations, including which procedures I could start with and which ones I could put off until a later time. This treatment plan outlined the costs of each procedure and how long the results would last. Dr. King explained and recommended skincare products that I could use to protect my investment. I am beyond thrilled with the procedures I have had and the products I have used! Thanks to Dr. King, not only do I look my best, I feel my best, too!” – AV

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