What are "Lipo" B12 Shots?

B12, or Lipotropic, injections are an increasingly popular option to assist with energy and weight loss goals. Vitamin B12 is associated with elevated energy levels and accelerating the weight loss process.

These injections are often referred to as “Lipo” shots, short for Lipotropic. Lipo is derived from the Greek word, meaning ‘fat’ and tropic, meaning ‘stimulate.’ Key components of this formula often include Vitamin B12, Choline, Methionine, and Inositol. Choline is responsible for reducing and metabolizing fat in the liver and gall bladder, sending them to the bloodstream for the body to use and break down. Inositol works to regulate serotonin and insulin levels, often leading to reduced cravings, minimized hunger, and better moods. These injections are also common for treating and controlling excess water weight gain, estrogen levels, and maintaining healthy skin and nails.

Lipo injections are not to be used as an alternative to an active, healthy lifestyle, but as an aid to help promote and assist with health and weight loss goals. We have seen great results and hear positive feedback from our patients. They often claim to have a decreased appetite and increased energy levels.

Kansas Surgical Arts also offers weight loss guidance programs to help complete a set path to your goals. Call for an initial evaluation or learn more here.
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