Sugar Can Make You Look Older

Tuesday, July 22 2014 1:23 PM
By Dr. Stephanie Oberhelman
Sugar Can Make You Look Older


You certainly know that too much sugar in your diet isn’t good for you, but recent research has found that too much of the sweet stuff can prematurely age you.

In the study, was published earlier this year in the journal “Age,” researchers looked at 670 people ages 50 to 70, and discovered for each increase in blood glucose levels of 1 millimole per liter the study participants appeared to be about five months older.

A study several years ago also found that the process in which sugar binds with the body’s proteins can damage collagen and elastin proteins, which keep skin youthful looking, according to an article on

Like most things, sugar consumption is a matter of moderation. Here are ways to manage sugar use:

  1. Limit refined sugars: White sugar has no nutritional value, so stop putting it on your cereal or use less in your coffee
  2. Limit high fructose corn syrup: It doesn’t add nutritional value, and is in processed foods and difficult to avoid, but it’s worth watching for its presence and to eat less of it
  3. Eat natural sugars: Try getting your sugar fix from strawberries and other delicious fruit. Add fruit to a smoothie instead of sugar and you’ll satisfy your sweet tooth.
    Consider sugar-alternatives: Recent research says they trigger some of the same bodily reactions and cravings as real sugar, but if you just have to have something sweet, they might be worth considering — stevia, xylitol and date sugar are some possibilities.
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