Botox: Preventative Measures

Wednesday, March 16 2016 8:00 AM
Categorized In Cosmetic Surgery
Botox: Preventative Measures Many people think that wrinkles are something reserved for your thirties and beyoud, but according to new studies, many 20-somethings are now considering a cosmetic trend known as "preventative Botox." The Basics According to research, frown lines, crows' feet and expression wrinkles are due to repetitive folding of the skin, people have relaized that by injecting earlier, you can keepthem from happening in the first place, rather than attempt… Read Article

Sorting Out Cosmetic Surgery and Plastic Surgery

Tuesday, July 8 2014 1:00 PM
Categorized In Cosmetic Surgery
As with many areas of medicine, the terms “cosmetic surgery” and “plastic surgery” can be confusing.   So how does someone who wants to improve their appearance differentiate the terminology and find a qualified doctor?   First, better understand the medical terminology. Cosmetic surgery refers to procedures that improve a patient’s aesthetic appearance and can be performed on the head, neck, breasts and other body areas. Breast… Read Article

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