Physician Guided Weight Loss

Wednesday, April 29 2020 3:21 PM
Physician Guided Weight Loss

By Dr. Bethany J. King

At Kansas Surgical Arts, physician-guided weight loss has been a service provided for the last 7 years. The reason we started offering medical weight loss management is that a large portion of our patients have venous insufficiency or varicose veins and are treated by various techniques that we routinely employ to treat this medical issue.  Many of these patients suffer from being overweight which makes their venous disease worse.  Many were not successful at losing the weight on their own. For this reason, we got geared up to service our patients.

Over the years this has evolved into a service that many in the Wichita are have made of, not just our vein patients. Patients young and old, from the mildy overweight to obese, have come to us for help. We have developed the mechanisms to care for all of them.

Our approach is to work with each patient, to determine which lifestyle management mechanisms work best for them, to determine where their body chemistry is tripping them up.  Yes, we may use medication initially to support our patients, to reduce appetite, to ease the transition to this new lifestyle. But, we know that if you can’t lose weight off of medicine, it will just likely come back on. We strive to see you stable and successful off of medication. Our ultimate goal is to see our patients armed with knowledge that they can carry with them forever, long after they have sought our help.

Although we realize that each person is different and some approaches work better for some than others, our general approach is to help a patient learn to lower their insulin levels. We teach them the science behind why insulin levels get high, what effect high sugar and high insulin have on the body (insulin resistance, fat gain and ultimately diabetes. High insulin leads to fat gain. Low insulin leads to fat loss. What effect stress has on weight gain. What effect exercise has on glucose control and insulin.)  In the past, it was en vogue to require patients to restrict their calories to lose weight. But, this has been proven time and time and time again with research to be less successful than low carbohydrate dieting.  And, we know that there is a direct correlation between high carbohydrate diets and the development of insulin resistance, obesity and diabetes.  Following this commonsense approach, we educate our patients until they internalize these concepts.  Once a person is armed with the understanding of how the body works, they have the personal power to properly take care of themselves for the rest of their lives if they so choose.

We support our patients with a scale and blood pressure cuff for home. We support them with a book that, once they read, will help them to truly internalize how the body works and how diet effects weight loss and weight gain.  We support them with easy access to us, by personal visit or telehealth visit.

Now, proper, safe weight loss takes time. Its not safe to lose 30 pounds in a month.  With that kind of weight los With the development of better life habits, slower weight loss should be expected. Rapid weight loss with resumption of old habits is exactly what leads you putting the weight right back on and then some.  The best approach would be committing to at least a 6-month treatment or a 1-year treatment.  That way, you embrace the fact that you are in this for the long haul and will be supported along the way. That being said, sometimes there are those people who just need a boost of a couple of months to lean down. We can help with those, too!

Interested in our Physician Guided Weight Loss? Call 316-722-1333 to schedule an initial appointment!

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