Exercise and nutrition is great for your overall health, but no workout or diet can target fat loss of a specific area. Liposuction is a more permanent, cost-effective solution to target stubborn areas that can seem resistant to other efforts. Dr. Oberhelman often uses a realistic approach in liposuction procedures, to remove fat and shape your body as it is seen – in a upright position. Many surgeons remove fat with their patients lying down, which can lead to other fat and tissue settling differently when they are in an upright position.

An arm lift removes excess skin from the underarm area between the elbow and armpit, detracting from the flabby “batwing” look. This is a common body complaint that comes with age and/or weight loss.

Whether it is hereditary or a result of weight loss, a lot of people wish to have a bigger, or better shaped, behind. Implants or fat transfers can help give you the lift and volume you’ve always wanted.

Oftentimes, with aging and weight loss, the skin on the thighs and knees becomes loose and saggy. A thigh lift removes excess skin for a tighter, and sometimes thinner, appearance.


As women age and go through childbirth, the thin skin of the genitals can become stretched and distorted. This procedure removes excess skin to reduce the size and outer appearance to help you feel better about yourself.

Do you feel like you still look pregnant? Or do you have too much belly tissue? Excess skin on the abdomen is common after childbirth and weight loss. A tummy tuck removes excess skin, stretching the rest for a tighter, leaner appearance, as well as tightening the rectus muscles when needed. This procedure is often ideal for those looking to remove unwanted stretch marks. Read more.


This is the medically necessary version of a tummy tuck but without the muscle tightening. It removes excess skin from the lower abdomen that can cause hygiene and health issues. Skin rashes and breakdown can be a reason to seek advice on an abdominal procedure. It is often covered by health insurance.

Losing a lot of weight is an incredible accomplishment but often leaves people with a new problem of loose, sagging skin. Some areas may be affected worse than others and no amount of diet or exercise will get rid of it. A body lift to remove this skin can finally make you look as good as your new body feels. Choose Kansas Surgical Arts to help complete your journey; Dr. O takes great pride in helping people through surgery after weight loss. Read more.

A mommy makeover usually includes a breast augmentation and tummy tuck but can be made up of a variety of procedures and treatments. Each body and set of goals are different. If you’re struggling with your appearance after starting a family, come in for a consultation to receive an evaluation of what it will take to help you look and feel better.

Fat transfers can be performed on various areas of the body to add volume and definition, often to the face or buttocks. During a consultation, a fat transfer may be given to you as an alternative to some injectables or implants.

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