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Brand New Legs, Broad New Outlook

Brand New Legs, Broad New Outlook


“After treatment, one day I woke up and started moving around and I thought… I am not hurting, I’m not in pain anymore!”

For years, Nicole’s legs would ache and hurt by evening. She would go through shoes at various comfort levels and nothing would help. At the end of the day, after coming home from work, she would either add heat or ice to her tired and heavy legs or keep them elevated. In the middle of the night, she would even wake up from her legs hurting so badly. Recently, Nicole walked into her doctor’s office and was then told that her veins should be looked at, that is when Nicole discovered Kansas Surgical Arts.

“It is the best thing (visiting Kansas Surgical Arts) the PA at my doctor’s office ever told me to do,” Nicole came in for a screening at Kansas Surgical Arts and then an ultrasound, to then find that her valves were not working properly within her veins. This lead to overall concern for her health in the long run, as she always takes care of her herself, especially her health.

Dr. Stephanie Oberhelman explained what was happening within her veins and body, along with Nicole’s treatment options, “She explained everything so well to me. They focused on my left leg first, it was the worst one.” Since completing treatment, Nicole has had no more swelling in her legs or ankles. Her pain is at a complete zero. “After treatment, one day I woke up and started moving around and I thought… I am not hurting, I’m not in pain anymore!”

To anyone thinking about treatment, Nicole stated, “Do not stop and think about it, just do it! It’s like I have brand new legs.”

Want your veins checked? Free vein screenings are offered each month at our east and west locations, call to reserve your spot and find out availablity, 316-722-1333!

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