Cheek & Chin Augmentation

Cheeks and chins have several options when it comes to seeking more volume and shape. As fillers are a popular option, fat transfers and augmentation can be more permanent and cost effective. Everyone’s facial features and goals are different, that is why Dr. O considers various implant options and alternatives to help you achieve your desired look.


  • If you have a weak, receding chin and wish to make it more projecting and improve your jawline.
  • If you wish to enhance the definition and fullness of your cheeks.
  • If you wish to restore contour and proportion to your facial structures made deficient by aging.
  • If you wish to correct facial asymmetry or deformities resulting from injury or congenital conditions.


You will experience postoperative bruising and swelling, with mild to moderate discomfort for a day or two. A cold compress can be applied to the operative site to reduce swelling, bruising and pain.

You should be able to return to work and other normal activities within a week. Stitches are removed in 5 to 10 days; if sutures are placed inside the mouth they will dissolve in a similar period of time.

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