A Botox Must-Read

If you are thinking about getting Botox injections, this is the article for you. What is Botox? Botox is an injection used to improve crow’s feet, frown lines, and those wrinkles in between eyebrows. It can also be used for uncontrollable neck muscles, migraines, and excessive underarm sweating. Botox is made up of a bacteria called clostridium botulinum and is called a neuromodulator because it blocks nerve impulses to prevent the contraction of the treated muscle. Botox is not a permanent fix but patients usually see their results last 4-6 months or more. There is little downtown and patients will occasionally have bruising or bleeding at the injection site. In addition to Botox, Dysport is another neuromodulator brand offered at Kansas Surgical Arts. Complimentary consultations are available for receiving a custom plan with the best product and treatment for your individual needs.


  • No downtime
  • Most patients are very satisfied with results
  • Quick results
  • Injections take place in-office and take only minutes


  • Possible bruising or bleeding at injection site
  • Non-permanent results

What do you have to lose, other than those stubborn wrinkles? Call us today to set up an appointment, and let us help you get on track to feeling like your younger self. 316-722-1333

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