After selecting a cosmetic surgeon, taking the necessary steps to ensure that you’re physically and mentally prepared for a procedure is critical. Both invasive and non-invasive procedures require a degree of stamina and mental toughness. The instructions and necessary steps to be performed before, during, and after each procedure must be strictly adhered to and followed, so as to prevent complications and health issues.


Cosmetic surgeries can range from simple procedures to highly specialized surgeries. As such, we don’t perform any procedure without giving you an extensive education on your options and rare, but potential, complications. Dr. Stephanie Oberhelman will explain the steps of the procedure with you in order for you to fully understand what you’ll be undertaking and what to expect during and after surgery. We will set expectations for aesthetic outcome, complications, pain and recovery. We will also provide direction on any pre-surgery requirements needing to be addressed. This is an important time, as some procedures require advanced preparation to ensure success. This time can be filled with excitement and anxiety. Please take the time to reflect on your choice of procedure and know you can back out at any time. Read more about our consultations here.


KSA goes to great lengths to ensure that you’re comfortable and relaxed throughout the entire procedure. Our cosmetic surgery center is accredited by the Joint Commission (JCAHO) to ensure the use of best practices, operational excellence, and the highest standard of cleanliness. Dr. Oberhelman is a board certified general surgeon and has performed one of the most prestigious yearlong cosmetic surgery fellowships in the United States.


Post surgery and recovery can become a difficult time as the body begins to heal, bringing along pain and swelling. Medication may be prescribed to help with pain and allow you to feel more comfortable. Dr. Oberhelman will visit with you, and caretaker if needed, immediately after your procedure to instruct you on wound care, your medication regimen, and answer any questions you may have. We encourage you to return during different stages of healing to ensure your body is healing normally and is being properly cared for. We wish to make every stage of your surgery as comfortable as possible.

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